Finally I am back on Track

It’s hard for me not to play around with some sort of codes at least couple of hours a day. Whether it is HTML, PHP or C++, I got to do some sort of coding. If I can’t get to do that, I feel something was missing today. Most probably, that is one of the biggest reason why I am constantly missing all the workshops and Job fair at my school. However, emails are coming in every day.

Over the last couple of weeks, I was busy preparing myself for all the mid-terms, assignments and stuff. Thankfully I am over with all those but a newer headache is popping up as the time is passing by. Yes, my finals are knocking at the door and this time I really need to take it seriously. Well, I guess I tend to think like that every semester right before the finals and there is nothing new about it. However, it seems like I am back on track at least for a week or so.

Right after finishing up my mid-terms, I focused on wrapping up the design of this site. Well, I figured there are lot more things that needs to be done as well. But for the time being, I think this site is in pretty stable condition right now.

Soon I would start working on making WordPress templates, hopefully I will sell them over here or may be on ThemeForest. I am not quite sure about it yet but I think I would need to have a Forum section on this site for customer support anyway.

If you read some of my tutorials on WordPress, you would get to know that I am not a huge fan of Plugins. What I meant by that is independent plugins that can be downloaded and installed on sites. I tend to incorporate the plugin itself with the theme and that serves my purpose.

I am also planning to make some YouTube video tutorials, definitely those videos would be shared over here so that you all can take a look at them. Over the last 6/7 years I am working on WordPress platform, built quite a few sites and created plugins as well. I think now it’s my time to give something back to the community, something that would be useful for beginners or for those who are interested in learning WordPress or Web Designing at large. Wish me luck.

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