Finally the Snow is Back

It's Saturday once again and it's snowing over here in NYC since last night. Like many other weekends over the past few years, here I am once again sitting at the cafe next to the big window. Staring at the passing traffic every now and then while sipping away my favorite coffee. Not a huge fan of snow but I am definitely enjoying this light snow. As I am writing this post, I decided to enjoy some music. If you are interested to know what exactly I am listening right now, here you go. Enjoy. I am not quite familiar with Cozi Zuehlsdorff, never heard of her before until this morning when I came across this song while watching another YouTube video. Regardless though, I must admit I enjoyed this track, every single bit of it. Little googling and Wikipedia revealed that she's a very young and definitely a talented sweet girl. All the best wishes for her, go ahead and conquer it all.

It's amazing to even think how Internet introduces us with so many unknown things, ideas, individuals. What a blessing this internet thing is! Then again here we are, waiting to see how the "Net Neutrality" dies because of corporate greed. Anyway, back to my topic. I knew it will snow throughout the day and won't say goodbye until Sunday. So, I basically prepared myself to stay at home as much as I can over the weekends and write few posts. I stacked up foods and few cold drinks for the weekends. Not so surprisingly, I got enough work in my hand that even the weekends won't be enough to finish them all, gotta try though. If you are also living in New York City, enjoy the day with your loved ones and stay warm. Peace.


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