Focusing on Android App Development

It's been quite sometime since I was thinking about it but I simply could not make up my mind. I am already quite busy with my job and learning few new things that is closely related to my web development industry. But something deep inside me that is keep pushing me to learn and eventually jump into the mobile app development.

Last night, I started browsing some of the pages from Google's Android Developers site and studied some of the pages on Kotlin, so far I enjoyed exploring the language and learning a bit about the development process. I am really looking forward to study more. This morning, I shared my thoughts with a friend of mine who is already an Android developer and spoke with him for couple of hours discussing wide range of issues. I am pretty pumped up.

Android Studio
Android Studio

It didn't take long for me to download the Android Studio and try out some of the things that I have learned so far. It was more like that "hello world" moment, nothing serious.

Why Android?

I am not one of those Apple fanboys but I do have fair amount of respect for Apple for whatever it does as a company. Their hardware and software both amazes me and I admire their success. I personally use some of their devices as well. I also realize a big chunk of modern mobile devices are running on Android or at least some form of modified Android platform. Let's not forget about them either.

Android has a pretty big user base and it will continue to grow. There are so many opportunities are available out there and more opportunity will come in the future. I just wanted to be part of that industry along with Web Development field that I loved for so long. I also have plan to explore the iOS App Development field at some point down the line. I just don't think it's the right time for me to go to that route.

The world is changing right before our eyes and there's no doubt that we all are going through pretty tough time. As far as I can tell, the road ahead would be quite bumpy for all of us. Many people already lost their well paid tech jobs and my understanding is it won't get better anytime soon. Learning or specializing on any given industry may or may not be enough for some. So, learning something new might open up the door for newer opportunities. Even though I don't expect any miracle in life but I honestly believe that we need to put our time and effort to master anything. If you have the true passion and dedication towards something, you will eventually get there. At least learning something new doesn't hurt rather it helps.


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