Football King Pele is no More

Growing up in my native Bangladesh as a young kid, I was introduced to the King of Football in my childhood. Although his full name is "Edson Arantes do Nascimento" but we never knew that. To me and to many of us he was simply "Pele". That's how I knew him and most probably we will continue to call him in that name for the rest of our lives.

Pele is the only footballer in human history who led his country to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962, 1970) during the time of his international career. This is a very very rare achievement which only suits to a king (O Rei) like him. Things and time both has changed and the world is yet to find another footballer who can come close to Pele. Yes, Maradona is one of the greatest and there shouldn't be any doubt on this regard but Pele is still the King.

Not so surprisingly I was born long after Pele said goodbye to his professional career but he remained pretty relevant among the football fans around the world. In Bangladesh, football used to be the most popular sport, until Cricket was popularized after the historic win of ICC Trophy in 1997 by the Bangladesh Cricket Team. However, Football is still popular in Bangladesh and there's a huge fan-base of Brazil and Argentina. Thus, the discussion between the Brazilian and Argentine fan on who is the best player ever remained a heated topic. Somehow I never saw that argument regarding who is the King of Football?

I just learned that the King is no longer with us. After battling with his cancer for quite sometime now he left us today. My heart goes out the family and fan of Pele all around the world. Rest in Peace, King.


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