Fraud Saiyaan

Unless you understand Hindi, let me clear up the meaning of "Saiyaan" first. It basically means "Husband or Lover". Now you can move ahead on constructing the meaning of this Bollywood movie title. I am pretty sure most of us won't be wrong at all to make a wild guess on the subject matter of this movie. The reason why I actually wanted to watch this movie was because of the Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla. Perhaps the most important reason was, it was available from YouTube though it was released early this year. One must not forget that this duo is pretty well known for their comedy roles on movies like Jolly LLB, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Dhamaal and so on.

The producer of this film Prakash Jha has confirmed that the story is actually inspired by a real life fraudster who had multiple wives in different cities in India. Somehow the conman managed to keep his marriages secret to every woman he married and made them as his source of financial support. Giving the idea of a very unique business to a whole different meaning.

Plot: As you can understand from my discussion, the story of this movie evolves around a single character for the most of the part. Arshad Warsi played the role of Bhola Prasad Tripathi, the fraudster. The movie starts with the scene of Bhola is being chased by a group of people. As the movie progresses, Bhola introduces us with one of his wives Sunita (Deepali Pansare) who is a banker. Sunita requests Bhola to meet with his uncle Murari Chaurasia (Saurabh Shukla) at the train station the next day. Though Bhola initially didn't meet with Murari before in a formal way but accidentally gets on the same train for Varanasi, as he tries to flee from Sunita.

Meanwhile, Sunita sends a photo of Bhola to his uncle Murari so that he can recognize Bhola. Unaware of this whole issue, Murari recognizes Bhola and becomes suspicious by his behavior and the phone conversation with other ladies. Murari starts following Bhola to figure out who exactly he is and thus the story glues Bhola and Murari on a journey. Journey that eventually but slowly takes us on a wild ride that unfolds the true nature of Bhola. We would get to see how Bhola dupes various women for a living and marrying them for financial gains. You should watch the movie to find out how the story ends.

Verdict: The most unfortunate reality is that we have people like Bhola in our societies and the idea of cheating husband or lover never gets too old. I have read a good number of criticism on the merit of this movie especially for the story line being poor. It seems like many people are not considering the fact that it's based on a true event and the reality of life is not all that glittery as we normally tend to see on a Bollywood movie. We still have women in our society who are falling for con artist like Bhola even at this age of women's empowerment. It makes the subject matter of this movie being all too relevant.

Being a comedy film, cheap jokes with double meaning was expected and it was there. The story and the female characters jumps around all over the places and often makes it more complicated to grasp what's going on! You are free to judge this movie in any way you want but I must admit that I like the sound tracks. Both Ishq Ishq Tera and Mashoor Hazoor - E - Ala were simply amazing and who can forget Chamma Chamma?

Bhola character would never be mentioned as Arshad Warsi's one of the best work but he definitely did justice to it. Like always, Saurabh Shukla delivered what he was expected to do. Indeed he can shine on bigger characters and we all know that. However, how exactly they both agreed on such a project is entirely a different topic. Perhaps the question should be how in the world filmmaker like Prakash Jha who delivered Apaharan, Gangaajal and Satyagraha came up with this project to begin with?


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