Free Online Image Optimization Tools

Using Optimized images on your site or on a simple blog post can really change lot's of equations while ranking your site by search engines. Optimizing images and adding them properly on your site can greatly improve user experiences as well. Large and heavy image files tend to slow down your pages and the site at large.

So, the question is how do you optimize my images?! Well, today this is what exactly I would be focusing on. In this post, I will talk about some of the interesting Image Optimization tool available in online. Tool that can be used to lower the file size and optimize them. These tools are really useful for almost anyone. Especially to all those new bloggers who are looking for tools to get their things done with images and optimize them. So, let's get started.

Image OptimizationImage Optimization Can Help Increasing Website Performance.

PIXLR: This is most probably one of the most powerful online Image editing web application available out there. You can pretty much do anything and everything with this tool. Creating simple graphics to complex effects, you name it. I was blown away by the fact this web application not only edits images but also converts in many different file format. Another great thing about PIXLR is that you can easily translate the language of this application, in case you don't speak English.

Web Resizer: This is definitely a very useful online image optimization tool. You can not only optimize image but also change the size, rotate image, add border and more. It would allow you to set the image quality and the sharpness of it. Best part? It can support images up to 10MB in file size.

Compress Image: One of the easiest and straight forward solution for compressing images in online. This tool would allow you to upload images (9MB Max.) and show you the current file size and the possible output file size depending on the compression ratio you choose. It supports most popular image file formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG.

Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer: Yet another Image optimization tool which is also quite popular. Unlike Pixlr, this image optimization tool is pretty straight forward. The basic functionality of this tool includes the capability to convert image file format and it optimizes the images automatically.

JPEG Optimizer: As you can say it from its name, it can only optimize your JPEG of JPG image file format. One of the most interesting part of this web application is that you can set the compression ratio by yourself. Which also means, it would allow you to reduce the file size at your desired level. Then again, you must keep it mind that reducing file size or higher compression ratio would also reduce the quality of your image. Additional functionality includes its capability to re-size the width of the image which also re-sizes the height of the image accordingly.

TinyPNG: Once again, it's pretty understandable that this tool would only work with PNG image file format. Even though you don't get to configure anything over here but it produces some of the best result (for PNG only) on my personal test. All you need to do is drag and drop your image. This application would automatically re-produce the optimized image and would provide you the download link of the image. That's it.

Definitely, you can find lot more in online. However, I have listed some of the tool that I personally used and found them to be useful for most of us. These are very simple yet comparatively very useful application.


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