Germany: The FIFA World Cup Champion 2014

Last evening was quite special for me and for many German Football (Soccer) fans all around the world. Not to mention every single German citizen who supported their home team on this FIFA World Cup 2014. As we all witnessed Germany winning their FIFA World Cup 2014 Championship, making them four times (1954, 1974 ,1990, 2014) world champion nation along with Italy (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006).

I supported quite a few team in this World Cup. Definitely my home team (US Men's Soccer Team). As our team got eliminated in Round 16, I started supporting Brazil as my second choice and Germany as my third choice. However, the irony was Brazil had to face Germany on Semi-Final and they got knocked out from the Final, as Germany won by 7-1 goal. I got to be honest with you all, I was shocked and traumatized by Brazil's defeat by that big margin. Then again they lost against Netherlands by 3-0 on third place deciding match.

On the other hand Argentina defeated Netherlands on Semi-Final (Penalties 2-4) and eventually faced Germany on Final.

Germany World Cup 2014 ChampionGermany World Cup 2014 Champions.

As you all know by now Germany won the final match (1-0) against Argentina making them the World Cup Champion for the fourth time. So, Congratulations to German National Football Team and everyone behind the scene. You guys played well and rightly deserve the championship. Good luck.


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