Getting Ready to Make the Video Tutorials

So, over the last couple of days I was keep thinking of making YouTube video tutorials. I had no idea how am I supposed to do that? Because making tutorial videos would require me to capture the screen of my desktop and also to record my voice. Since I never did that in the past, I went through quite a few forums just to get an idea. After reading few thread, I got to know that there are quite a few softwares out there which I can use. One very important criteria was that it has to be a freeware (free software) or may be an Open Source program.

Well, after little research I got to know that lots of people are using CamStudio to record their screen. So, I downloaded CamStudio and played around with that for couple of minutes. It took me less than 10 minutes from downloading the software to start recording my screens. My overall experience with CamStudio was simply superb. Best part of it is that you can use various plugins or codecs. So I installed Xvid codec and it worked right out of the box. Seems like I am pretty much done with the screen capturing part.

Making Video TutorialsMaking YouTube Video Tutorials are Lot Easier.

Now, for voice recording I initially tried with the built-in microphone of my laptop. Trust me, it was as terrible as it can get. To be honest I was really frustrated. At some point, I started thinking of buying a good microphone. So, I started looking for microphone from Amazon but I really didn’t wanted to spend whole lots of money for Microphone. Luckily “Voice Memos” app popped up on my mind middle of nowhere, I gave it a shot with my simple Sony microphone. It worked and it came out really nice. All I had to do is to export the recorded audio file through email (kinda pain in the neck but I think I can handle that) to myself and then simply to add the audio with my screen cast video.

One last thing that I think I must talk about is, Audacity. Seems like, it is an extremely popular, lightweight, audio editing software. As I didn’t capture the audio with CamStudio, I had to edit the audio first and then import it to the Movie Maker to mix it up with the Video. Initially it seemed like kind of overwhelming for me to do all these things just to make one video. But I think it does worth of doing all these, every single bit of it.

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