Google to Roll Out More Secure Messaging App

It's been quite sometime since Google made Messages app available for Android users. Today Google has confirmed that they are making this app even more secure for its users. As the smartphones gets more advanced, Google feels the Message app should also cope up with that pace.

According to Google, they have worked with number of device manufacturers on several carrier networks to provide better chat features based on the open Rich Communication Services or RCS standard. As of today the company has completed their global roll out of chat features to make this modern experiences to everyone who is using Android devices.

Android Messages App
Android Messages App on a Phone.

Though it's not entirely available right now, Google is promising end-to-end encryption for one-on-one RCS conversations between users with Android phones. This also means no one, not even Google or any other third parties can read their message content as it travels between devices.

Google plans to roll out these features to beta testers this month and continue to reach more people by next year. Certain "eligible" (whatever that means) messages will be encrypted automatically. Though Google did not mention clearly when exactly people should be expecting the final version of the Message app, it seems like it may become available at some point next year once the beta testing is done.


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