Happy Father's Day 2019

It's early morning over here in New York and I am pretty much sleepless. I sat in front of my computer hoping to find some topic to write on. I was looking for something in online and then the Google Doodle reminded me that it's Father's Day. At a blink of an eye, my dad's picture popped up in my mind and I was reminded by my consciousness once again that he's no more.

I had to pause for few seconds, I just had to. Back in 2014 when I wrote a similar post, I mentioned "Father's day has no special meaning to me". Yet, this Father's day is giving me a very weird feelings. This is the first Father's Day when dad is no longer with us, on the other hand on this day I myself am a Father. With the grace of Almighty, I became a father of an adorable baby boy last year who means everything to me now. My Dad was lucky enough to see his Grandchild only four days prior his demise.

Happy Fathers Day 2019Happy Fathers Day 2019.

I am going through an emotional roller coaster ride right now. So many memories of my Dad, it's as vivid as it can get. It almost feels like he's still here somewhere. Even last year Dad was there and now he's no more, his memories are there and he would always remain in our heart as long as we are here. Still, that emptiness of him not being here with us is painful and it will forever be there. Dad, we miss you.. we miss you so much.

I pray to The One up there to give the everlasting peace that my Dad so rightly deserves. Happy Father's Day to you all, peace.


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