Happy Friendship Day

Making friends has never been easy for me. Since my childhood I always had a sense of distinct differences between classmates and friends. I think that idea had a huge effect on me even today and I think I still maintain it very carefully. I always believed friends are special individuals. Unlike classmates, they don’t change every year or semester. They are more close to my heart than anyone else. They make me feel good for the way I am. Yes, we have our own fair share of differences on many issues but end of the day we love, care and definitely respect each other.

During my High School years, I had lots of “friends” but real friends (individuals who still maintains that kind of relationship with me) were very few of them and I call them true friends or brothers & sisters from another mother. It is understandable that not all of our High School friends will stay in touch forever for many reasons. But I always took the initiative to extend my hands to say “Hello” to them every now and then as much I could have. Then again I could feel that are some who were not that much responsive to such relationship, I did let them go. Because it’s a mutual relationship between two individuals.

Friends are Gods GiftFriends are God’s Gift.

In my college years, I found number of good friends and even after my graduation I maintained our friendship. I believe them to be my “true friends”, friends whom I can easily reach to whenever I really need them. The list of my friends are very small but they are very special and close to me.

On this day, I would like to congratulate and thank all of them for being there and for being my friends. You guys are my rock-star and my inspiration. I wish you all the very best and definitely you all are on my prayer everyday. May God bless all of us and may our friendship lasts until the end. Happy Friendship Day to everyone. Enjoy!

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