Happy Mother's Day

It was an ordinary Sunday for me. I woke up pretty late as usual, took shower and had my brunch. Apart from my personal weekend schedule, it was also a very special day for most of us as we all are celebrating Mother's Day. Well, may be not all but many nations perhaps. On a personal level, I think Mother's are too special to have only a day to celebrate them and their extraordinary role in all of our lives.

Mothers DayMothers Day 2016.

Coming from a South-Asian Bengali family, like many of us I also grew up in a very strict family structure under my Mom's supervision. Since my childhood, I remember my father reminding us every now and then that "Family is the best school for children and Mother is the best teacher". Well over 30 years later when I think I am all grown up and about start my own family, I have no doubt in my mind how important those words were. My father was and still is my mentor.

My Mom, like any other ordinary Bengali woman had no serious level of Academic background unlike many other western woman of her age, yet she was the one who played the most important supporting role behind our(me & my brother) education. Simply taking us to the school every morning to binding our newly purchased text books, preparing our breakfast to cleaning our school uniforms, checking us on the progress of our homework to meeting with our teachers every now and then, she did everything all by herself. It's a daunting task that she performed day in and day out without any complain.

Almost 35 years after her marriage, she's a proud mother of two son who are well educated and doing fairly good in their own lives. After all these, i can't but agree that she definitely had the kind of knowledge and understanding required to raise her children successfully. Perhaps that's the kind of maternal instinct that has been passed over to every single mother from generations to generation. It should be cherished, honored and celebrated not only a day but everyday of our lives.

Mom you gave birth to us, you raised us with love & care. You gave the warmth and the light that we all needed to move ahead and seek a better life. We love you so very much. Much love and respect goes to every single mother out there.


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