Happy New Year 2016

For some very obvious reasons 2015 would remain a very memorable year for me. I would always love to talk about it as much as I would hate. Can't get to the very specifics but I think its quite safe to say that it was just like another year, with all the ups and downs, you get the idea. Then again I am definitely not one of those who would cry over the past. I rather consider myself to be part of those optimistic individuals who would look forward for a better tomorrow. All that being said, we are in 2016 now and it's about time for a fresh new start. Somehow I couldn't write for last couple of days and I think I missed the opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, alas! It's not that I was too busy celebrating my new years eve, but it was quite the opposite. I wasn't feeling good at all. From my neighborhood in Queens to Times Square is like 20/25 minutes subway ride yet I was feeling too lazy to go there. Going crazy on New Year's eve is something I am missing a lot lately, so basically I had a plan to go there this year but unfortunately it didn't work out. Hopefully next year :) Hey, I told you I am hopeful, didn't I? Happy New Year 2016Happy New Year 2016. It's kind of late but in any case, I wish you all the very best. May God blesses you and your family with health, happiness, wealth and prosperity in this year & years to come. Happy New Year 2016 :) Peace.


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