Happy Valentines Day

Once again it started snowing over here in New York City. I am seating at the cafe and sipping my coffee like my regular Saturday afternoon. Over the years I felt like it has become kind of a habit for me. I actually like coming over here on weekends. Whether I do write something or not I enjoy coming over here with my laptop and seeing people are passing by.

I can see through the clear window, the snow falling on the street and melting within a second. Some of them are falling on the top of the ice that fell last week and covering it with the pure white color. As if it is a constant battle for existence with our World made out of concrete and the Nature itself.

Wooden HeartsHappy Valentines Day.

The constantly moving traffic, people, all noises, different colors seems pretty interesting to me. It is almost magical that this world is full of so many colors. I know, we all see these everyday but may be we just never had time to take a break from our busy life and think about it. On weekends, I try to take a break from my daily schedule and put much more time on my site than whatever I do on weekdays.

In most cases, I would have my headphone on and would be listening to some of my favorite music tracks. At this very moment I am listening "You Sang to me" by Mark Anthony. What an amazing artist he is. Here is the song that I found on YouTube. Happy Valentines Day to you all. Enjoy the day with your loved ones. If you are in NYC, stay warm & have a great day.


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