Happy Valentine's Day

I am not quite sure why but Valentine's Day never had and still doesn't carry that much of weight to me. I see it as just another day of life. I feel like, its a day to show off extra emotions towards certain individuals. I think special individuals should remain special regardless of the day. Appreciations are needless to show off, it's the actions or how we treat those individuals for the rest of the year that counts to me. In any case, I totally do not reject the idea of celebrating a day to show our appreciations and emotions towards our loved ones. Perhaps, it adds more to the relationship than anything else. So, why not? Unfortunately, this Valentine's Day was just another weekends for me. I woke up, took shower and had my breakfast as usual and followed rest of the day's schedule as planned. Worked on my projects, cooked foods and did my prayer. That's about it. I hope you all had a blast and didn't forget to go out or spent the day with your loved ones. Here is one of my favorite song for you all. I hope you will enjoy the song. Good night and take care you all.


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