Horrible Shopping Experience on eBay

Ok so basically this story went little too far and I couldn't but share my experience with you all. It's been quite sometime since I am looking for a very specific mini Hi-Fi music system. I found my Hi-Fi system on eBay and it was listed by number of seller along with the Best Buy.

When I saw the Best Buy, I had no reason to think back and forth. So I placed the order right away and went to bed with a peaceful mind, expecting to receive my stereo shortly. However, next morning when I was at the office, I received an email stating that my order has been cancelled and I will be refunded. I responded to their message and asking why my order was cancelled? This is what their response was.

I'm sorry to say that your order was canceled because the item is no longer available. I suggest you to check time to time in our website for the availability of the item or purcase the item in any Best buy store.

When I checked back on eBay, the item was not there any longer or in other words it had been taken down from their listing. Fast forward five more days and that item has been listed back on eBay. Surprised by the sudden appearance of my desired music system, I ordered it once again hoping that they might have re-stocked the item. Alas, next the same cancellation email all over again. I sent them a message asking about the reason behind the cancellation of my order for the second time. Exactly the same response came back from them. Now, this time around I am pissed and for a very logical reason.

If you do not have a very specific item in your inventory why in the world you would be listing them on eBay at the first place? I am not bragging about it. I also work for a small business that sells merchandise on major online marketplaces(Amazon & eBay as well). Yes, sometimes thing doesn't go according to the plan and mistakes happens. But here we are not talking about any random small business that happens to sell in online, we are talking Best Buy for God sake. One of the largest retailer in the North American region.

I am not sure who are overseeing the eBay sales for Best Buy or who is in charge of this whole thing! But whoever he/she is, sir, you should take a look at what's going on with the people who are working for you. I do not know how your system works but clearly there is something gravely wrong happening.

I don't know about you guys but my shopping experience with Best Buy at eBay was not a pleasing experience at all and I am never going to shop with them, ever!

I shared my "Best Buy" shopping experience with some of my friends and very naturally they are baffled by the whole story. Who wouldn't be anyway?


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