How Does Intel Make Chips?

Using computer has become part of our day to day lives. We turn on our computer to work, to play games or even to watch movies. But every single thing that we ever do on a computer, goes through the very brain of the computer and that's the chip that does it all. Widely known as Microprocessor, these chips works tirelessly to get out job done. There are so many chip manufacturers are out there and Intel is the big boy on the block.

Chip Wafer for MicroprocessorThis is how a Chip Wafer Looks Like.

Today, Intel released a very interesting yet very informative video on their YouTube channel explaining how exactly Intel makes these chips. Watch the video to learn more about it.

Though this video demonstrates the overall steps involved in making chips to delivering it to consumer, the whole process is actually way more complicated. The simple idea of "sand to silicon" requires lots of process that needs to be completed just to make the wafer.


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