Find the ICCID Number from Windows Mobile Devices

Finding the ICCID number on the latest Windows Mobile 10 is bit complicated than it's predecessor. However, if you are still using the Windows Mobile 8/8.1, you can easily find the ICCID number from your device.

Finding ICCID Number on Windows 8/8.1 Mobile

1. Go to Settings option. 2. Head towards About option. 3. Tap on More Info link. From here you should be able to find your ICCID or SIM ID number. However, if you already moved to Windows Mobile 10, you are out of luck. Just to make sure, go to Settings app on your device, from there tap on System and then About option, you will find bunch of information about your device except the ICCID number. Don't be upset, there are ways to find your ICCID number and this is exactly where Field Medic app of Microsoft becomes pretty handy.

Finding ICCID Number on Windows 10 Mobile

1. Go to the Store App. 2. Search for Field Medic App and install it. 3. Once you are done with installing the app, fire it up as you would for any other app. 4. From the app menu tap on Device Status option. 5. Scroll towards the bottom of the window until you find Provisioning information section. 6. Find the param name SimIccid (take a look at the screenshot below). Field Medic SIMICCID for Windows PhoneField Medic App for Windows Phone. 7. The value attribute should hold your ICCID or SIM ID number. You are done! This is as simple as it can get. I tested this (Field Medic) app on my Nokia Lumia 930 (Windows 10 Mobile) device and it worked without any hiccups. Feel free to share this post if you find it to be useful.


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