Resetting Admin Password Using FTP

Did you ever forget your WordPress site’s admin Password? Well, thank God I didn’t so far but there are some who went through this kind of Problem. Interestingly, there are several ways to reset your WordPress admin password. Today, in this post I will talk about how to reset your WordPress admin Password through FTP. I think this is one the most easiest way to reset your admin Password.

Before I explain the entire procedure, you must keep it in mind that this Procedure works if you have access to your site’s file manager which you should have through your hosting provider, popularly known as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc. even FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access would be good enough. If you understood what exactly I just said then keep reading.

Conventional Method Of Resetting Password

On normal circumstances you should be able to Reset your WordPress admin password from the Admin Panel Menu. Simply follow these easy steps, you should be ok with that.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site and from the Menu click on “Users > Your Profile”.
Setp 2: Scroll down to “New Password” section and type your desired password in two text field.
Step 3: Again scroll down all the way bottom and click on “Update Profile”.
Your new password will be stored replacing the old one and it would take effect instantly. User your new password every time you want to log in to your WordPress site.

Resetting Password through FTP

Now, lets talk about “abnormal” situation, means if you forgot your password then what would you do? Simplest method would be using the “Lost your password?” link section from the log in page. After providing your email or username, WordPress will automatically send you the password. However, for some reason this feature might not work which we called “abnormal” situation. Now, if that’s the case just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel or FTP software to access your WordPress files.
Step 2: Download the active WordPress theme’s functions.php file.
Step 3: Open it with any HTML editing software or just Notepad would be simply fine.
Step 4: Add the following line after the first “<?php”


Change “yourpassword” with your desired one. If you are thinking what’s that “1” is all about? Then keep it in mind that it stands for the user ID number on your wp_users table (within the database).
Step 5: Save the file and upload it on it’s appropriate directory.
Step 6: Go back to the front end of your site and refresh the page.
Step 7: Log in to your site with the new password (yourpassword).
Step 8: Once logged in, go to “Appearance > Editor” and select your active theme’s functions.php file.
Step 9: Delete the line that you added on functions.php file and update it.

You are good to go. If you need to change your password once again follow the conventional method to do it properly. Hope that helps. If you have questions on this post or any WordPress related issue, feel free to join “WordPress Help” group from Facebook. That would be lot easier. Thanks.

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