I am a Web Developer & Designer

Both the Designer and Developer plays a crucial role in Web Industry. Neither the Designer nor the Developer alone can build a site that can be appealing and functional at the same time. Over the years, many of us and users have learned this brutal truth. Both role has their own area of expertise, something I admire and intend to learn myself every day.

Web Designer and Developer is completely two different role with the same outcome in their mind, they both work together to achieve one common goal and that is to make or build a functional yet appealing Web Site or an Application. However, the disparity between these two group of people in terms of opportunities, market demand and monetary gains are huge.

Design VS DevelopmentDesigner & Developer Requires Different Kind of Skill set.

Since the day I first wrote “Hello World” on an HTML document, I constantly pushed myself to become a good developer. My HTML and CSS codes were focused more into building a functional website. On the other hand usage of color and graphics helped me to realize that there is an another part of me that loves the design part of it as well. As a user and developer I find any ugly looking site to be less attractive and I tend to loose my inner desire to use it gradually.

If you are to ask me if I am a Web Designer or Developer? My response would be, “both”. However, I consider myself to be more of a Developer than a Designer. I learned PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery to enhance my Developer qualities but did little less to improve my Designing skills. It’s not that I don’t use graphics on my projects or I don’t know what to use and where to use. All most all the sites on my Portfolio section were made from ground up. I personally did play both the designer and developer role. However, I also feel the urgency inside me to learn lot more and I will continue to push myself on that endeavor.

Now, the question is, Is it possible to become both the Designer and Developer at the same time? Absolutely! One can be a good designer or developer because I think it’s nearly impossible to be the best of both world. But if he or she has the eagerness to learn and adapt with the trend, one can easily master the other quality as well. Fact of the matter is, it would be the best idea. Such combo will not only open up the door of possibilities but also will help one to appreciate other’s role. End of the day, there is no way of denying the fact that both the Designer and Developer need to come together for a successful web site or an application.

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