In Memory of Shaoni Mitra

Last night it was snowing all over New York City. Very normally I was expecting a snow covered Saturday morning. So, this morning I woke up and right after having my breakfast I headed for the Dunkin Donut in my neighborhood to grab a coffee. It was a pretty quite morning for some weird reason. Being an avid fan of Ghazal music, I thought nothing could be better than listening music and working on some of my project while having hot coffee.

I was searching for Shoni Mitra's Ghazal music. To be specific it was "Ibn Mariam Hua Kare" track. While searching with "Shaoni Mitra", Google was suggesting "Shaoni Mitra Passed Away" key words. It was a kind of shocking to me because I did not know that she is no more. I got to know about Shaoni back in 2005. Ever since I was a huge fan of her and in 2008, I came across some of her Hindi music through "Awaaz Anjane" podcast (Episode 61, October 16, 2008). On the podcast, they were playing Dil hi to hain, Megha chaaye aadhi raat & Ibn Mariam hua kare tracks. I was simply blown away by her Sheer talent. I am no musician but as a listener, it was a soothing experience for me. I was so excited that I couldn't resist myself but to get in touch with her just to say "Thank You" for her amazing musics. While I couldn't find her website, I found her on Facebook and left a message saying "Thank You" and soon she replied me back.

Luckily I found that podcast on a website and for your convenience I am embedding it on this post, just in case if you want to listen to some of her music mentioned above. Shaoni was born in West Bengal, India. She sang number of songs and most probably she sang more of Rabindra Sangeet than any other Genre of Indian Music. Being a Bengali person myself, I am deeply touched by her musics.

I really do not know when (exact date) she passed away but while checking her Facebook profile, I figure it was around Mid 2013. Even though it is kind of late yet I just wanted to say, my heart goes to her friends and family. She would definitely be missed but her works would be there and she would live in all of our hearts forever. Rest in Peace Shaoni.


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