Information Revolution: What is Your Role to Play?

Human civilization came long way from the day they learned to make fire. Over the thousands of years, human continuously learned and passed their knowledge to the next generation and this exactly how they developed. If you take a close look around you and try to understand where and how exactly such knowledge has been implemented in various forms, it will boggle your mind. Every single created things, ideas, thoughts that you see or may be taking it for granted, came from someone's blood & sweat.

The smartphone that you are using, the car you drive or even the very monitor you are looking at, came through a process of preservation of information. The initial ideas had to be recorded and then worked upon to develop the ideas into reality. Did you ever wonder why exactly someone would do this for you to get this knowledge at free of cost? Did Einstein or Newton charge you a dime for the knowledge that they passed on? Simple answer, No. They did it out of their curiosity and felt that this information could be useful for Human. Then again, the same Human published these free information in the form of a book so that they can charge you. Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with that. If you are buying a nicely designed and printed book, you definitely should pay for it. The question is, are you paying for the materials used on that book or for the information? I bet, you pay more for the materials then the information which suppose to be more valuable than the materials itself.

Keep the Internet Open for AllKeep the Internet Open for All.

My personal take on this is pretty simple. We should not pay a dime for the information given by Newton. The internet is one of the most important invention of modern age. Perhaps, it created and made information more easily accessible than whatever the combined Human effort was for the past couple of thousands of years. It paved the way for creative people and all the great minds to share their knowledge with you for Free! People who believe you also should know this or that. Don't you think this great Internet should remain open and out of corporate control who would try to break your balls and make money out of it? I am definitely not talking about Copyright materials or intellectual property guys, that is totally a different argument.

Nearly 18 years back when I first visited a website, I was amazed to see all the hyperlinks, texts and information that was made public. Definitely that wasn't quite as rich as we all take it for granted now a days. The underlying concept is still there though, sharing information. Even to write the first line of HTML code on my computer, I had to go out and buy a book. Now, you can simply search in Google and you will find thousands if not millions of sites are out their to help you out. Even I myself wrote so many articles on this site on numerous topic which I thought could be useful for someone out there. That's the power of free and open Internet.

I write out of my passion and from a set of belief. I like to share my knowledge or experiences even though I think I am no genius or anything like that for that matter. However, I always felt that even if you are learning a simple word from this site that would be my success. That would be one step towards the original goal of this site, that's the whole purpose of having this site at the first place. Perhaps the desire for that little contribution always pushed me to take my time and write whatever I can. The things that I write here, may or may not be useful even but I try and I will keep trying. It is a kind of hunger, kind of mindset that I nurtured for so long because I think information or knowledge should be free and open to all.

How about you? How do you think you can also contribute to such initiatives? or may be I should ask what can you do about it? Here are some of the ideas. You can start writing, you can join any forum of your interest, you engage in any social media site to help others or may be simply share a link of great site to your fellow friends or family. Let this great initiatives keep rolling and make sure to do your part to pass it over to our future generations. Thank you.


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