Inspiring People: Anja Ringgren Loven

Today I came across yet another amazing human being, Anja Ringgren Lovén. She is a Danish Aid worker who gained huge media attention for this iconic image that you are looking at from the YouTube video screenshot. Before we dig into the details about her, let’s watch the video first.

Anja came across this two year old baby boy back in 2016 in Uyo, Nigeria as he was wandering around for food just like many other abondened children. She later rescued him and named him as "Hope". As this video became viral, Anja not only got instant popularity but got praised by many people and gained lot of media attention for her extraordinary works. As of today, Hope is doing pretty well and recovered quite a bit since then. Here is a photo of Anja and Hope taken from Anja’s Facebook profile back in 2018.

Anja Loven with Hope in 2018Anja with Hope in 2018. © Anja Loven.

Anja operates a non-profit organization (DinNoedhjaelp) which is based in Denmark. She founded her organization in 2012 with a mission to help African witch children to gain a sustainable life with the same human rights as you and me. By her organization well over 60 children are currently being taken care of. A list of all the children can be found from her organization's website.

In Nigeria, for so many reasons some young children gets abandoned by their parents as they gets accused of being a witch. These children are left alone to survive by themselves. In the west, this may not only sound weird but cruel from any point of view, unfortunately that's the social norm in Nigeria. Belief in Witchcraft is still pretty strong in Nigeria but it’s more prevalent in the Niger Delta region. However, individuals like Anja are showing us hope for a better future for these unfortunate kids. Salute goes to Anja for her amazing works and dedication that helped to uplift many lives. She's my new inspiration.


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