Inspiring People Nikki Christou

Something really strange happened to me tonight. While browsing through some random YouTube videos, I came across a video made by a sweet little girl from London, England. Her name is "Nikki Christou" who goes by "Nikki Lilly" on YouTube. This 11 years old beauty vlogger has already become YouTube star and her channel got well over 2 millions of views. On her channel she shares her tips on beauty products, makeup application, baking, and many other topics. What sets her apart from other preteens is that she suffers from a rare health condition known as AVM (arteriovenous malformation) which causes intense pain and life-threatening nose bleeds. She was diagnosed with AVM at the age of 6 yet at 8 she launched her YouTube channel and continues to make videos. In 2014, she made a video explaining her medical condition where she answered lots of questions asked by YouTube users.

Nikki Christou Baking CakeCopyright © Nikki Christou.

Nikki already had 20 major operations and countless Hospital visits. Despite Nikki's unusual and severe health conditions she continues to go on in life, fundraising for research and raise awareness about AVMs under The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited. What a beautiful and bright child you are Nikki!

After watching some of her videos, I became very emotional. I am not sure why but I think almost anybody would. But what I must admit that she inspired me a lot and I am pretty sure she would be the source for inspiration for millions. People from all around the world showed their support and extraordinary love for this little cutie. No doubt, she is a brave young child who defies her limitations yet conquers the hearts of millions.

Feel free to connect with Nikki on Facebook, subscribe her YouTube channel, follow her on Twitter or in Instagram. Let her know that she's not alone and we all are with her. We love you Nikki.


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