Intel abandons SGX Technology

Back in early 2018 when I decided to build my new computer (well not new anymore), I never thought I will make any serious attempt to upgrade my computer anytime soon. Now, if you can remember well enough I ended up buying Intel 8th Gen i7-8700 processor. It was a 6 core processor and with the blessings of HyperThreading technology, it was able to work with 12 threads. So far so good but my happiness was cut short due to ZombieLoad and similar CPU exploits.

I was also a bit concerned with my tiny InWin chassis which was running hot and I didn't quite like the idea. I eventually made up my mind to go with the Intel 9th Gen i5-9500 CPU. It was going well for some time and then COVID showed up. Like many others, I was also working from home and I started making walking videos for my YouTube channel. That's when I realized Intel i5 is not cutting it for me anymore. I needed something a bit more powerful. I thought about Intel's 10th Gen i7 processor but had to step back because of the presence of HyperThreading and possible motherboard upgrade issues. I wasn't ready for such move.

Chip Security

I eventually ended up getting an Intel 9th Gen i7-9700T processor, yes "T". Simply because of a power usage issue, and upgraded my memory from 16GB to 32GB and I sailed my boat to move forward.

Fast forward two more years and now in 2022 we have 11th, and 12th Gen CPU available in the market, and 13th Gen is on the horizon. That's not the main issue here for me, the main issue is that Intel has just abandoned its support for Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology for security reason which makes DRM content playable on computers. In other words, computers using the above Intel 10th Gen CPU won't be able to playback Blu-Ray UHD movies.

Even though I am not all that concerned with Blu-Ray Movies, I must admit that not having that feature would irritate me as only recently I started collecting Blu-Ray discs and burning Blu-Ray discs to archive my music collections and movies. Now, that's frustrating.


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