Intel Xeon Processor for Notebooks

Over the years Intel Xeon processor were being used mostly on the Workstations and the Servers. In other words Xeon processor were used widely to perform tasks that requires complex computation. Seems like the usage of Xeon processor is now going to expand to the Notebook platforms as well. On a recent blog post, Intel has confirmed that soon they are going to launch their Xeon processor for future Notebooks.

Intel Xeon Processor with WaferIntel Xeon Processor.

According Intel, the market demand for Notebooks with workstation class capabilities are on the rise. In an effort to meet the growing demand, Intel has already confirmed the launch of their Xeon E3-1500M v5 Product Family. This family of processors are based on the next gen "Skylake" architecture and Intel believes that it will deliver high precision computing horsepower in notebook form factors. Some of the key features of this processor is error-correcting code memory which will automatically detect and repair errors. Thus it will help preventing data corruption and system crashes. Xeon mobile platform will come with VPro and Thunderbolt 3 technologies.

These are definitely some of the features that I personally would love to have on my next Notebook as well. While I appreciate and congratulate Intel's initiatives on launching Xeon Processor on mobile platforms, I am also deeply concern about the power consumption and heat issues that might come as a by-product with this devices.

By default Intel Xeon Processors are more power hungry than other families of Intel processor for an obvious reason. But let's not forget that Xeon Processors were meant to be fast and very normally that requires lots of energy in terms of power. How exactly Intel handles these issues for mobile platform is something many people would be watching out for and definitely I am one of them. Good Luck.


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