Intel's NUCs are Promising Indeed

Intel was and still is one of those many companies that I tend to pay serious attention to. Very naturally their latest Next Unit of Computing (NUC) device couldn't avoid my radar. This new unit has a name and it's not a pretty one. The company is calling it Intel® Skull Canyon NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK. While this name may have a serious meaning but it sounded like gobbledygook to me. So, let's just move on.

Frankly speaking, the idea of small yet very powerful computer is not only a fascinating thing but I also think it is the future. I always wanted to have a small computer for myself, specially after having my first Intel 486 machine which was not only big but was damn heavy. Since that time and age I am craving for a little computer and I am yet to find "the one". Fast forward 20 years and now in 2016 we are talking about desktop computers that may fit in your messenger bag or even in smaller place.

Intel Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYKIntel Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK.

Intel's new NUC is powered by the latest 6th generation core i7-6770HQ processor which was released on first quarter of this year. With integrated WiFi, Ethernet, Intel HD Audio and Iris Pro 580 graphics engine, this little monster is powerful enough for many of our's day to day computing and you may even play some games as well. This computer's tiny motherboard supports up to 32GB DDR4 RAM (laptop sized) and has two M.2 slot for your SSD needs.

While the specs of this NUC kit/unit seems pretty powerful, I must admit that its expansion capability is fairly limited. At least not anywhere close to your mid sized tower desktop PC. Sure, it's compact and the enclosure is quite nice to look at but you would end up paying a healthy price ($600+) for this tiny computer that might require you to buy additional items (SSD, Ram etc.) pushing your budget even higher.

If I am not getting it wrong, Intel first launched it's NUC kit back in 2013 and now we are looking at the updated/upgraded model of their small form factor computers. It's not only Intel but also other computer hardware manufacturers like Acer, Gigabyte and Asus are also on the race to conquer the small form factor computer market. While I welcome Intel's initiative to make smaller and powerful day to day PC but how exactly it can change the game is yet to be seen. Specially at a time when global PC market continues to plummet.


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