International Mother Language Day 2015

Today is 21st February, 2015. Today is International Mother Language Day (IMLD). Like many other nations, UNESCO is also celebrating this day since the year 2000. No matter whatever your native language is, today is the day to remember the history of your language, to promote awareness and to preserve it.

UNSECO stated the theme for this year's IMLD is to be:

Inclusion in and through education: Language counts
Coming from a Bengali family myself, I feel deeply connected with the history behind this day. Today, I remember those brave souls who stood strong for their language in 1952. Those who came to the street to demand their right to speak their own language. I remember them with honor and respect.

International Mother Language Day 2015International Mother Language Day 2015

No matter whoever you are or whatever the language you do speak. Let's celebrate the day and extend our hands to fellow individual with love and respect. Let's greet them and say "Hello!" in your own language. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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