iPhone Xc - Inexpensive Alternative of iPhone X

Remember the post that I wrote on the iPhone X last month, explaining what I won't buy an iPhone X anytime soon? The summary of that post was iPhone X is well over priced. Now, last week iDrop News reported on the possibility of a cheaper version of iPhone X which may become reality by 2018.

While the idea of inexpensive models (iPhone 5c) of flagship iPhones (iPhone 5s) from Apple is not a myth, it's almost impossible to verify the truth behind iPhone Xc as of today. However, we can not denny the iPhone Xc issue with utmost confidence either, at least not now. Contrary to that news are popping up on the probable cheaper model of iPhone X by 2018.

Apple iPhone XC Design ConceptConcept Design of Probable iPhone Xc by iDrop News.

As far as the design and construction of iPhone Xc is concern, it is being reported that the it will use colorful polycarbonate material just like previous "C" models. Chances of using metal back is almost out of the way as it conflicts with wireless charging. Yes, you can surely expect wireless charging as it has become a pretty big selling point. Funny enough that Microsoft and many other smartphone manufacturer has implemented such feature (wireless charging) on their devices way back. It's only now when Apple customers are getting all too excited while it's sorta back-dated for many non Apple users.

A TrueDepth camera supporting Face ID and Animoji features would also be there (highly likely) which slowly becoming quite popular. However, this hypothetical device may be powered by A11 Bionic or probable A12 chipset depending on the features that gets included on the device itself.

As you may have already known by now that iPhone X uses an AMOLED screen which perhaps one of the biggest reason why iPhone X is that expensive. However, iPhone Xc would use LCD display instead to keep the price point to a reasonable level without sacrificing edge-to-edge design concept.

Now, even though we can't confirm the possible price range of this iPhone. It's being expected to be within $449-$549 focusing on the lower end of the market segment. Emerging nations like India and China could be the possible market as well. Last but not least, when exactly iPhone Xc would become reality is anyone's guess but it's not in 2017 that we can confirm.


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