Japan Unveils World's Fastest Bullet Train

Japan is pretty well knows for it's crazy fast bullet trains which they names as Shinkansen. This island nation has recently unveiled a new generation of Shinkansen trains named as "ALFA-X". This train is set to have regular operational speed of 360 kilometers or 224 miles per hour. However, the maximum speed of this train is 400 kilometers per hour.

Shinkansen Alfa-X Bullet Train
Shinkansen ALFA-X Bullet Train.

The Mainichi, a Japanese daily has reported that the Prototype of this new generation Shinkansen train will conduct test run between Sendai and Aomori station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line on May 10. During this phase, authority will test out two different (16m/22m) nose section to examine which type is better at reducing noise. However, JR East's R&D center has said that they want to focus on passenger's safety along with noise reduction.

CNN has reported that these model will undergo three years worth of testing before it goes operational sometime in 2030. The test will take place twice a week after midnight when the lines are fairly quiet.

The ALFA-X Shinkanse will have new safety features to protect passengers during earthquake. Existing bullet trains stops automatically during earthquake but the new train will have dampers to improve the stability and stop the train from toppling over. New underfloor layout will stop the build-up of ice and snow. Equipments will also be designed to reduce the chance of failure or damage during freezing conditions.


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