Kachchi Biryani on Friday Night

Today was one of the laziest Saturday for me within past couple of years! Woke up pretty early in the morning for no serious reason and had my breakfast and coffee well before most people got up from their bed I guess. It took me little while before I started feeling sleepy again though. After a hectic Friday, I was tired enough not to cook anything for myself. I rather headed for Dhaka Garden, straight from my office in Long Island. This restaurant is located in Jackson Heights, Queens area. Pretty close to my neighborhood as well.

Kachchi Biryani
Kachchi Biryani: Goat Meat Cooked with Basmati Rice & Flavored with Spices.

I had been there couple of times already and pretty much fell in love with some of their menu item. Specially their Beef Tehari is simply awesome. However, last night friend of mine showed up and she wanted to try out the Kachchi Biryani. I picked up couple spoon from her plate (lol) and damn! it was delicious.

I am not quite sure why Dhaka Garden got so poor rating at Yelp or even on Google. It's fairly neat and clean place to try out Bangladeshi Cuisine and the waitresses are pretty friendly. Then again, I think they need to be little more professional and active. But my overall experiences were very good. Fact of the matter is, I personally think Dhaka Garden is one of the best if not the best Bengali restaurant around that neighborhood, seriously. If you are interested to try out some of the Bengali cuisine, you should definitely check out this place.

Over the last couple of weeks, Michael, Lucy and me were trying to fix a meeting in my neighborhood to try out some other Bengali Cuisine but unfortunately Michael & Lucy both got so busy with their classes that we are almost having hard time fixing a meeting. Must admit though, I had issues as well but I am working on it and hopefully we will meet soon enough.


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