Keep Your Computer Clean

Most probably, I got issues with buying a new PC. Whether I am buying a Laptop or Desktop, I would definitely check out the specifications first and then read some review before I make up my mind. The total process actually takes around a week or so. Good or bad, that's what I do and most probably would do the same in the future as well.

Keep Computer CleanKeeping Computer Clean.

Luckily, in most cases the result came out to be pretty good. My previous desktop PC lasted well over 6 years and its still kicking. Even though it can't handle Windows 7 smoothly but it can handle Windows XP or latest version of Ubuntu quite easily.

Back in 2012, I bought my current desktop computer. It is a Dell Optiplex 960 SFF (Small Form Factor) PC. With an Intel Core 2 Duo (E8400, 3GHz) processor, 8GB DDR2 Ram and 256GB Samsung SSD (Solid State Drive), I barely had any complain about this PC until I noticed loud noise are coming out from it. Initially I didn't take it seriously. I thought, its just the CPU cooling fan trying to cool down the processor. Well, I was right with that but there has to have a reason.

So, I went through the Dell Support Forums and figured quite a few people actually had the same issue especially with the Small Form Factor (SFF) model. One specific user was suggesting to replace the fan sensor?! Nothing really made any sense to me.

My instinct said, it has something to do with the cooling fan itself, nothing else. Out of curiosity, I opened up the chassis and dang! It took me few seconds to figure the issue. The front panel(cooled air was suppose to come through the little holes at the panel) was totally covered with dust and there wasn't any way that cool air could come in. So, I cleaned panel and put everything in its place. Fired up the PC and ran it for couple of hours at row. No sound whatsoever!

However, later on I got to know that Dell Optiplex desktop PCs got a sensor that can measure the temperature inside the chassis and it can control the fan speed. Now, it make absolute sense to me why the fan was loud. Since that day its working quietly without any hiccups. And I gotta be honest, I am love this computer. This is a pure workhorse.

The only reason why I am writing this post is to remind you once again to keep your computer clean. Desktop or Laptop, take good care of your computer, it would serve you well. Simply do some Googling, you would find lots of articles on these issues. I know, you heard all these before, yet I thought may be I should remind you, just in case. It is important. Especially, if you are one of those individual who spent a big chunk of their time in front of the PC, you really should take it seriously. This is just a friendly reminder. Happy Computing.


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