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Today I will talk about a P2P Instant Messaging software that allows individuals to Chat and share files over an Internal Network. This is an Open Source and Cross platform supported software that means you can easily communicate with your friends or colleagues if both of you are on the same network regardless of your computer’s Operating System. This particular software can be very useful for large Organizations, Schools and even Businesses that wants its users to communicate internally (Intranet) without any help from Internet.

LAN Messenger WindowLAN Messenger Windows

LAN Messenger is the name of this software. I personally used this software on my home network and also tested this at my School’s network. It simply worked without any issue. I was also able to share files with my friend while he was in a different classroom which was really great.


This little software packs a punch and comes with so many features that many of us may or may not pay any serious attention to this. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

  • Instant Messaging: You can see a list of users connected to the Network who are using LAN Messenger. You would see the name of their computer initially unless they change it with their name manually. So worry not, simply click their name and start chatting.
  • Secure Messaging: All messages are protected by AES encryption with RSA as the key exchange mechanism. You also have options to invite individuals to a private chat room where you can discuss as a group.
  • Broadcast Messages: There is a way to Broadcast your messages to everyone or to any specific group of people.
  • Organizing Contacts: There are ways to organize your contacts. You can easily create groups and then add individuals to any specific group. I did the same at my work place.
  • Multi-language Support: This software currently supports 13 different languages which is a great addition for non English speaker.

There are few more features that you can find from the features page of it’s official site. I didn’t find them to be particularly important but just in case if you think you want to go for it.

Pros: The best part of this software is, it’s Open Source and you pay nothing for using this software. It supports major Operating System like Windows, Mac and Linux which is a big plus. This software doesn’t require any server so this should give you a hassle free experience.

Cons: It doesn’t support any Audio communication method which means you can’t talk or take advantage of having a microphone. I was pretty surprised but hey this is what it is. There are no support Webcam either.

Verdict: Great Instant Messaging software for Intranet. Small and light weight Open Source software that can help Small Business to any Large Organization with limited features.

Disclosure: This Review is not Sponsored.

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