Last Day at Baruch College

If things goes according to the plan, today should have been my last day at Baruch College. In one of my previous post, I mentioned that this is my last semester at Baruch and Officially I would be graduating after Spring semester. As I am pretty much done with most of my classes, the only thing that was left over is the final exam of my Philosophy class. As I came out from the exam hall today, I realized I am all set. It took me five long years to wrap up my Undergraduate program under the CUNY System. I am definitely looking forward and planning for my Masters degree. But before anything else I think I would take a little break. Last fiver years were pretty much brutal for me. I worked my ass off and took summer classes besides regular semester. It also means, I got no break! Yeah, you read it right. No vacation whatsoever and quite frankly, I am damn tired and exhausted. I am also looking forward to my much needed vacation. Last Wednesday was both boring and exciting day at School. Met with Michael just like any other School days and eventually we got into our conversation while I was having my breakfast. Frankly, this is one of many things that I enjoyed at Baruch. For Michael, I am surely going to miss our chit-chat brother! But keep up the spirit and stay blessed. Baruch College Vertical CampusBaruch College Vertical Campus. Over the years, I had the privilege to meet with so many good folks at Baruch, even on Wednesday I met with another young & bright freshman student. To our "Deshi" guys, I will miss you all, your love, respect and all the silly jokes over little things made my days more relaxed at Baruch. So, thank you guys, we will stay in touch and all the best wishes with everything. This afternoon, I got an email from Baruch College, congratulating me on my Graduation. I am pretty excited and pumped up to be honest. Tomorrow I will go to my School to grab my Cap and Gown for upcoming Commencement exercise. Really looking forward to that. I just simply can't believe that I am leaving Baruch. Before I wrap my post, I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to everyone who supported me all the way. My honorable Professors at the Zicklin School of Business, College Staff, Friends and to all the Street Vendors around Baruch College. Without all of your support I wouldn't be able to make it this far. And yes, you ofcourse for taking your time to read my silly post. Last but not least, my family. A big "Thank You" goes to all of my family members, who were always there for me. Especially my Mom, who always encouraged me when I was feeling down. Mom, this one is for you. Love you everyone. Stay tuned and stay blessed. Peace.


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