Life Goes On

It's been well over four month since I wrote my last post. During this period of time lots things has happened that moved me in a big way. It has changed me, my views towards life and how I see the world. At certain extend I am still in a realm that is quite impossible to explain in plain terms.

Back in early December, my wife gave birth to a wonderful baby boy who means the world to me now. The joy of becoming a father was overwhelming for me and I would remain ever-grateful to my wife and family for everything. The entire family celebrated and welcomed our first child, my Mom and Dad as their first grandchild and my Brother as his first nephew. It was joyous time for our family.

However, it was a pretty short-lived one as my Dad became seriously ill by early January of this year. Right after the first week of January, I got to know that my Dad's health was deteriorating. I spoke with my Dad one last time and felt like asking him for his forgiveness, which he did. Like any other responsible Dad, he asked me for the unity within the family, love, and care for each other. I promised my Dad and I will stick to my words until the very last day of my life. Things became so bad that Dad had to be admitted to the hospital within two day. Later, I got to know that he's in the ICU and I didn't wait for anything any longer. Bought the ticket and I headed for Bangladesh. By the time I landed in Dhaka, no one except my Uncle came to the Airport to receive me. That was a bit abnormal for me because every time I arrived in Dhaka, my brother and few others were there at the Airport to receive me.

My family resides within the five kilometer radius from the National Airport of Bangladesh, so it was obvious that someone from my immediate family members would be there but there was none. From the Airport, me and my Uncle headed straight for our village where I myself, my Brother, my Dad and Mom was born. My long ride to my village made this point clear to me that Dad is no more. Eventually I learned that bitter truth. I stayed in Dhaka for about a month and I returned to New York by early February.

By mid April, my family informed me that my Uncle also passed away. Not sure how to describe or explain these pain, these sorrows. But the whole thing that was happening around my family was way beyond my capacity to absorb tragic events like these. I am still in shock and trying to go easy as much as I can.

The idea of loosing someone so close, is hard. It's even harder if you are staying so far away from your family. However, I think the whole situation made me ponder on certain issues very seriously, especially the very fact of our own demise, uncertainty of life and life beyond our physical presence on this planet that we all tend to call home!

All I know for now, my view on life has changed forever and for the most of the part, I think it made me even better person, more humble and positive towards life. Because end of the day though life goes on.


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