Lightyear One is a Solar-Powered Car

A Dutch clean mobility company "Lightyear" has just debuted their long range prototype car, the Lightyear One. The company unveiled their car through YouTube Live streaming. As far as the specification is concern, the range of this car 725 km (WLTP) (450 miles). Depending on the weather the range may vary. However, the company guarantees a range between 500 to 800 KM.

Lightyear One CarLightyear One Prototype. © Lightyear.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this car is not it's range rather it’s capability of charging the battery directly via the sunlight using solar panels. It can also be charged from conventional charging stations just like Tesla does.

Both the roof and the hood of this car are covered with solar panel which located right underneath the safety glass. This safety glass has been implemented to protect the solar cells from being scratched or dented. The company claims that the solar cells used on this car are about 20% more efficient than traditional cells. Also, the protective glass is strong enough to withstand the weight of a fully-grown adult person walking on the surface.

Please bare in mind that this car is not a slow moving vehicle and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 within ten seconds. However, all these shiny materials and technologies comes at a heavy price tag and it can not be called as cheap by any means. This is a prototype and it will be available for delivery by 2021. If you are interested enough you can go ahead for a reservation. The fee for reservation is $135,00 (US) for the first 500 units of this car.


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