Living a Healthy Life

It’s been quite sometime since I started thinking of bringing some radical change in my life. Specially from health point of view, I think it’s about time when I should take serious steps to get back in life. I think we all can come up with zillions of excuses for not being able to live a healthy life. It’s because it’s much easier to be lazy than working out. But its about time for some action and get in shape. That is not to say that I am a big ass fatty guy with no life.

Since my childhood I was healthy, healthy enough not to call me a “skinny” guy or a person who is suffering from obesity. Then again, as I am growing older by the days I started feeling like I need to take control of my eating behavior and keep myself busy with little more of exercise. For a better, healthier and organized lifestyle, I couldn’t find any other option for me but to change my eating behavior like upside down.

Coming from a South Asian Bengali family, we eat lots of red meat and fish. Yeah don’t forget the white rice and the curry part. Put them all together and you would find a recipe for possible health disaster if it goes uncontrolled (in most cases that’s what it happens). Ask a Bengali mom, they always love to put extra pieces of fish or more meat on their son’s plate. It has nothing to do with the possible health consequences that their beloved son or daughter might face, its more about the motherly instinct that always wants their children to be healthy.

Lately I started walking every evening, doing some cardio and using light weights. Drinking lots and lots of water. I started getting the result of it and I am trying to take it to the next level. Wish me luck.

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