Looking Back at 2019

Ever since I started blogging here, I don’t remember writing any specific post focusing on any specific year. Every year passes by and we all slowly try to forget about it all together as we all step into a new one, hoping for a better year ahead. That’s the reality and we all are accustomed to this.

Then again, we are living a life and things happens almost on daily basis. There are memories that we try with our best to forget and there things we can’t forget. Things or events that makes that year memorable. Events like marriage, birth of a new child or even loosing someone close to you are some of those life changing events that you can’t easily forget.

2019 was one such year that I would never forget, no matter how hard I try to. It would just be there on my memory as long as I am here. This is the year, I lost my Dad and my Uncle and my family lost their guardians. It is a year of sorrow and it left a permanent mark on my heart that I would never forget. The emotional trauma and pain that my family and I went through is simply unimaginable.

I have no complain, no question to any one. Almighty God did what he thought would be best and I accept that without any question. It’s just the pain of loosing him would always be there. He will be missed and definitely be remembered with love and respect, as long as we, his sons and family are here.

I just hope and pray that may Almighty God have mercy on my Dad’s departed soul, on me and my family. And of-course to all of you guys out there. Peace.

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