Main Causes Behind American Revolution

Number of historic events took place that caused the American Revolution. We can organize them under three distinct category for better understanding. These were, Various Acts, Taxation and the pamphlets of Common sense.

The seven year war over the conflicting territorial claims between the French and British in Ohio River valley caused enormous monetary losses for the British. In order to recoup this loss, they decided to tax colonies in the North America. They bombarded the Americans with numerous acts. In 1765, Stamp Act required colonists to pay tax on printed documents, licenses and other goods which eventually led colonists to rebel against the British tax collectors. In 1767, The Townshend Acts authorized parliament to issue taxed on in–demand important goods like glass, lead, paint and tea. The uprising that followed later on caused British to bring soldiers into Boston to prevent it. The tension over the presence of the British soldiers in Boston caused the Massacre.

Surrender of Lord CornwallisSurrender of Lord Cornwallis by John Trumbull.

The American people expected that they should have their own representative at the British parliament or at least the voting rights which didn't materialized end of the day. This treatment (harsh taxation and lack of voice at the parliament) towards American people gave the rise of famous phrase “Taxation without Representation”.

Thomas Paine wrote the famous pamphlet "Common Sense" in which he called for an independent America and freedom from the British rule and interference. It awakes the American and thus violating the British law they started stockpiling guns and ammunition. This defensive act by the Americans eventually led to the shots fired at the Lexington and concord thus begins the Revolutionary war.

It was the cumulative result of anger, frustrations and suppression that grew over the years and encouraged Americans to fight for their rights and independence.


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