Meeting with Good Old Friends at Baruch College

Last Tuesday, I visited Baruch to meet with some of my friends. Nearly a year has already been passed since I graduated and unfortunately I never had the chance to visit my school. A week earlier, I spoke with Michael, Lucy, Ayesha, Tanjil & Samiul regarding my possible visit to Baruch. I was lucky enough to meet with most my good old friends except Michael. He had evening classes on that day and I couldn't wait longer since I had to do some other stuff at home. The main reason for visiting Baruch was to Meet with Shannon Chin, a Baruch student and a member of Hack4Baruch community at the school. On Tuesday, there was an information session going on at the school on Software Engineering. I was really interested to know more about the program as I am planning to go back to Baruch for my Master's program from Fall 2016. I spoke with Shannon after the session and we had a pretty long discussion on number of web development related issues. From our conversation, I could see her passion and willingness to learn more about Web Development. It was really good to see that students, specially young individuals like Shannon are gradually getting into coding and taking their passion to a different level. Getting lot more engaged with tech related extra curricular activities. When I was at the school, I couldn't find one girl who was a CIS major student and had a web or blog site. So, this is definitely a positive sign and I firmly believe that one day there would be a vibrant community of students at Baruch who will not only take CIS as their major just to get a certificate but will seriously work on IT industry. For that, we need more individuals or students like Shannon on campus. Afterwards, I met with brother Tanjil & Samiul and had our chichat for quite some time. Good old friend Ayesha showed up on her lunch break from office. I think she works around Baruch's neighborhood for an Accounting firm. It was so good to see her after so many years. I think last time we met, it was in 2012! damn that's a long time. Lucy also showed up little later, last time we met it was on my commencement day. It was really good to see all these good friends after a long long time and hopefully we will meet soon enough, once again. Going to back to Baruch brought lots of good memories as well as memories of "those days" that I will never forget. Hopefully, I will go back to Baruch once again as a Graduate student, to learn more and bring back even happier memories.


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