Memorial Day Thoughts

Since my childhood, I always wanted to become a soldier. Without even fully realizing what exactly it means to be a soldier, I fell in love with the idea of becoming one of them. Somewhere in my heart, I kept that desire alive for a very long time. The sense of patriotism and unconditional dedication for the country is something I admired and I still do. I am the kind of person who wanted to see life in a very organized way that would be followed by some strict principles, and code of conduct. I think, personally, I am a very organized individual. I like things in order. Perhaps, that's why I never undermined any soldier.

Military Grave with US FlagU.S. Flag on a Military Graveyard.

Despite my strong opinion and opposition against war, I always appreciated what a true soldier does. This is just one of those sensitive feelings that I simply couldn't ignore. For many personal reasons, I couldn't finally make it to the military and I think somewhere down the line I regret that decision. Then again, I believe if someone really wants to do something for his or her country, he or she can always do that as a civilian as well.

Over the years, I met with number of Iraq veterans at school. Even though they were not outspoken about their roles in recent wars, I tend to poke them all the time to tell me about their experiences at the military. One of them actually became a very good friend of mine and quite frankly, I loved and respect them as much as I do it to myself.

Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember and celebrate those who loved their country more than their lives. Those who are not physically with us anymore but their legacy, their sacrifice, and their memories are there and it will be there forever. Today, let's pay our highest respect & honor to those brave men and women who served our beloved nation. Let's remember them once again with one minute of silence.


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