Micron Ships Out Revolutionary NAND Flash Memory

Micron Technology just shipped out it's newly invented revolutionary 176-layer NAND flash memory. On a recent press release Micron has confirmed that the Company already begun volume shipments of World's first 176-layer NAND memory. This new technology is being expected to achieve industry-pioneering density and performance. This radical breakthrough will enable tremendous gain in application performance across a wide range of use case scenario including data center and mobile devices.

This new technology represent company's fifth generation of 3D NAND and second generation replacement-gate architecture which is one of the most technologically advanced NAND node in the market. Compare to it's earlier technology, the new 176-layer NAND will improve both read and write latency by more than 35% while maintaining the die size approximately 30% small in size.

The design of this new technology is close to 10 times more denser than those early 3D NAND designs which also means mobile devices would be able to store more data within a chip. Innovative circuit design will allow these memories to increase the data transfer rate as well.

With the increasing demand of solid-state drives (SSDs) for data centers, Micron expects these Flash memory will be able to meet the critical design criteria requirement for data centers along with in-vehicle infotainment systems by improving quality of service (QoS). Targeting the growth opportunities in 5G, AI, cloud and the intelligent edge, Micron wants to deploy this technology across their broad product portfolio to bring value everywhere NAND is used.


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