Microsoft Introduces Windows Terminal

Microsoft just released it’s new command-line tool which is being called as “Windows Terminal”. On a recent blog post Microsoft has confirmed the possible availability of this new tool. It is a new, modern, fast, efficient and powerful productive terminal application for shell like Commant Prompt, PowerShell and WSL.

It’s important to note that it will not replace the current command line interface that comes with the Windows OS. However, it can be used along with the existing tool but the new Windows Terminal has more features. Perhaps the most important features is that it will allow developers or administrators to open and use multiple tabs for multiple app like PowerShell, Ubuntu on WSL or a Raspberry Pi via SSH etc.

Windows TerminalNew & Improved Command Line Tool – Windows Terminal.

Another features is that this application uses GPU accelerated DirectX based text rendering engine, which will allow users to use text characters, gylphs, fonts and symbols available on the computer. Popular emojis are also supported.

This is an open source application and it has its own repository. This summer in 2019, Windows Terminal 1.0 will be available from Windows App Store for early adopter and by the Winter it will be released. However, Microsoft promises to work with the community before they release this app for all. The company is planning to add more features on upcoming release that has already been added on their backlog.

Here is a little video clip that demonstrates the new Windows Terminal.
Windows Terminal. © Microsoft YouTube Channel.
On a personal level, I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on this App.

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