Midterm Election Day in NYC

It is the election day and here we are once again to choose our leaders. A day to handover the responsibility regarding many of our social issues with significant importance. In a democratic country, this is probably one of the most important day when democracy shines at it's best and people gets to decide in which direction our nation should go.

Back in 2016, on my election day post, I openly admitted that I did not vote. I recognize that it was not the brightest idea but I was in shock and awe that I had to pick someone I don't like. Fast forward two years and lots of things has happened over this period of time. So much so that I had to made up my mind and vote rather than sitting it out.

I Voted NYC Sticker 2018I Voted NYC Sticker. © Daily Beast.

Over here in the NYC, it started raining from early in the day. I thought, I would vote by evening as the polling stations would remain open until 9pm. In the evening, I didn't see any sign of the rain to stop as it continued to drizzle. So, I grabbed my umbrella and headed out for my polling station.

There were few voters at the station, so it didn't take long for me go through the process to grab my ballot and fill it up. As soon as I was done, I headed back home and grabbed a coffee on my way. As I am writing this post, I have number of live TV Channel being played on my screen and I am also paying attention to the newspapers update.

We are yet to get any major update to come to any conclusion but I think Republican party may come out victorious tonight. As far as New York state is concern, I think it will continue to be a strong Democratic state by a big margin. Rest, remains on people's hand.


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