Missing my eBay Packages

Missing packages of online orders has always been a painful experience for me. Even a decade earlier it was not all that bad but lately it has become a regular occurrence for me. Only couple of months back I ordered a brand new Intel CPU which cost me couple of hundreds of dollars and I missed my package. Not because I didn't check my mailbox but because it wasn't in my mailbox to begin with. Even though the tracking record indicated that the package was delivered, it was no where to be found! Mailbox room, front and back yard, no where. It simply vanished in to the thin air.

Fast forward couple of months, I just missed another package that has few audio CDs inside. Once again the tracking record showed that it was delivered in my mailbox, yet I couldn't find it in there. Perhaps the most annoying part was that my mailbox is not wide enough to place those CDs inside. So, the question that remains. Where did it go?

What bothers me the most is that, all the packages that I missed over the last couple of years was delivered by the USPS. Not UPS, DHL or FedEx. It was always USPS. I have enough evidence to backup my idea that it is simply not a coincidence rather it is the result of a bigger issues that we as a consumer should pay attention to.

This issue has been compounded multiple times over since COVID begun. I started hearing more complains about people missing their packages and quite often it's being stolen. There are thousands of videos online where you can see people are stealing packages from the porch, front door etc. This has become another epidemic in our society that also indicates or reflects even greater problems with our social and moral values.


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