MIT Innovators Under 35

MIT's Technology Review is one of those many sites that I tend to visit on regular basis. I get to learn a lot from that site. All the bright, young individuals and their innovative ideas fascinates me as much as they inspires me.

I try to check this list every now and then, just to get a glimpse of what's happening around us and what to expect in near future. Frankly speaking I love to see those young bright faces. Who are working hard on their own field to make this world to be a little better place than what they found it to be. I can say it with utmost sincerity, they give me hope for better future.

MIT 35 Innovators Under 35 of 2016MIT Technology Review - 35 Innovators Under 35 of 2016.

My recent visit to that site surprised me a lot more than it usually do. Perhaps it's because for the first time on the 35 Innovators Under 35 2016 list, I found someone who is also coming from Bangladesh. Professor Ehsan Hoque is currently researching on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at the University of Rochester, where he teaches Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Machine Learning.

I got to know Professor Ehsan back in 2014 or around that time while I was searching for another Bengali Professor in online. I read some of the article, watched some YouTube videos in online and tried to understand his research topic. It was exciting to see a computer could look at a person thorough a camera and could communicate / understand various human expressions. What's even more fascinating is, at the end of the conversation the computer can give you a feedback about a person's interpersonal performance, including body language, intonation, and eye contact! My personal understanding on Human-Computer Interaction is that, those days are not too far when a computer would be smart enough to communicate with a person just like another individual. Perhaps the days of artificial intelligence is not too far fetched as it seemed at some point. Sometimes near impossibilities becomes the reality and that's because of all those bright individuals.

Bravo Professor, all the best wishes and Good luck with everything.


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