Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time

Like millions, I was devastated by the news that Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time is no more. We all mourn the loss of a legendary athlete who left a legacy behind. A life with so many ups and downs and many more lessons from where we all can learn from. I knew that Ali was suffering from Parkinson disease for quite some time, so on a personal level I was bit relieved to know that finally his sufferings are over. Then again the loss of Ali is indeed hard to swallow for his fans across the globe and I am no difference to that.

The Greatest Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of all Time.

When Ali was at his peak, I wasn't born at that time, even my dad was a very young individual. I remember my dad talking about Ali and explaining us how great athlete he was, we as a young kid got to know about him at a very early stage of our lives. Well before I started understanding the sport called "Boxing".

I got the news as soon as it surfaced in online. Initially it took me little while to believe that he's no more. But little Google search confirmed that he truly left us. My deepest condolences goes the Ali family. May almighty God give them the strength to recover from such loss. Even though Ali is not with us anymore but his legacy will be remembered with honor and respect. He will remain as an inspiration for many and for the future generations to come.

Here is a little video clip of top 10 Muhammad Ali knockouts. I hope you all will enjoy this video. I am dedicating this post in honor of Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of all time.


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