My Bloody Capital Dhaka

I am shocked, frustrated, angry and mentally in coma state. My brain is not functioning properly yet I couldn't but write something about what just happened in my birth place "Dhaka", the capital of Bangladesh. By the time you all get to read this post, most probably you already know what happened there.

There are 20 individuals including 3 Bengali and 17 foreign nationals had been brutally killed in Gulshan at the heart of Dhaka City, a diplomatic zone where many foreign nationals lives and works. This heinous incident took place at a popular restaurant (Holey Artisan) when everyone was enjoying their dinner. Like most of the time, the usual suspects are once again the "terrorists". Not so surprisingly they are being reported as the supporter or affiliated with IS (Islamic State). Alas!

I didn't know about the whole thing until my good buddy Michael texted me on this issue. When I was coding to build my next Amazon, such news is definitely unexpected and the least important thing that might pop-up on someone's brain. Generally speaking, I tend to read news every morning but something happened yesterday and I didn't pay serious attention to any news.

Stand United Against TerrorismUnited We Stand against Terrorism.

Now, coming back to the main issue. What exactly this incident indicates? or how we all should re-act to such devilish act? In a plain and simple sentence, Bangladesh is gradually becoming a breeding ground of terrorism and the evidences are in abondance. Yes, hostage situation like this one is new for Bangladesh and that's exactly why we should take it very seriously. In the past, I wrote on the growing religious fanaticism in Bangladesh and seems like I wasn't wrong on my arguments at all.

There are number of incidents took place over the last couple of years which indicates that non-muslim individuals are the primary target of these fanatics. Quite often you would see some ordinary Bengali individuals are also in between the crossfires. It implies that these terrorists are simply the enemy of the state and should be prosecuted as such. I urge to the Government of Bangladesh to take serious steps to eliminate such threat to peace. I personally did not go to Bangladesh for last 10 years for number of reasons. Recently, I was planning to go back to visit my family in Dhaka but I think it's about time to reassess the whole situation all over again.

I always took and I still take huge pride of my Bengali ancestry. But when the whole Muslim world is in chaos, I was afraid that slowly but gradually it will affect my beloved birth place Bangladesh. Being one of the top populous Muslim country in the world, it was too easy to understand. Then again, I still believe that Bangladeshis are not fan of any radical version of any religion and will not tolerate such ideas. Historically we are the people with mixed religious background and co-existed for thousands of years side by side.

I strongly condemn this heinous and cowardly act which cost innocent civilian lives. My heart and prayer goes out to those families who lost their loved ones on this unfortunate incident. I demand justice and expects serious actions from Bangladeshi Government to eliminate any form of Religious Radicalization in Bangladesh. Together, we must stand against Terrorism. Long live Bangladesh.


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