New York Primary 2016

Tomorrow (April 19th) is a big Day. Its a big day for everyone who are voting at the New York Primary Election of 2016. This is particularly interesting for New Yorkers because not so surprisingly, out of all the Democrat and Republican candidates, three of them has strong ties with New York. To be very specific it is New York City. So, no matter whatever the outcome is, it will reflect the people of New York and their opinion / support. In other words, the outcome will tell us what we believe in and who do we think to be the right candidate as the President of U.S.

Presidential Candidates of 2016Presidential Candidates with Strong New York ties - 2016. © NBC New York

I think those who are paying serious attention to this Primary Election, knows pretty well that both Bernie Sanders (Brooklyn) and Donald Trump (Queens) were born in NYC. However, even though Hillary Clinton wasn't born here, she represented the Empire State at the U.S. Senate for two terms. They all are pretty well known faces for us anyway.

As far as the Republican party is concern, I can almost guarantee that Trump will come out victorious by a big margin (more than just a double digit). Ted Cruz ruined it all when he talked about the "New York Values" at the debate. Even though he clarified his position on that issue later on but the damage has already been done.

New York is a democratic state, so the fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would be something to watch out for. Various poll showed that Hillary is still leading the poll but let's not forget the gap is diminishing by the days. However, I am still leaning more towards Bernie Sanders and I think he is the right candidate for number of reasons. Sander's opposition on Big money in Politics is something that every single citizen should take very seriously. Hillary's campaign money from Wall Street to Super-PAC definitely helped lot's of young voters to show their support for Bernie. Bernie fought and still fighting for all state wide $15 minimum wage which is something Hillary still hesitates and it has been clearly pointed out by Bernie at the New York's Democratic Debate. Being a student myself, I couldn't but support Bernie's stand on free public College Education and lower interest rate on student loans.

Now, I can go on and on explaining why I think Bernie is the right Candidate but end of the day it's you (the people) who can make a big difference. Get to know who's saying / doing what and who will bring the real change that we the people need. Revolution (Political/Social/Economical) always starts with you.

So, no matter whatever you do tomorrow, please make sure your go out and vote. Every vote counts, just make sure you vote the right person. If you are a voter from NYC metropolitan area and don't know your poll site, feel free to use this tool to find it out. Voter registration related information can be searched from here.


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