New York Spirit Will Never Be Defeated

Once again, New York City has been attacked by a coward terrorist and once again innocent lives has been lost. This time the attack took place very close to the ground zero. A place I am so familiar with & it’s so close to my heart. During my Junior years, I studied at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) and it’s on the Chambers Street as well.

This evening when I left my office for my lunch break, I have seen number of NYPD & FDNY vehicles rushing towards the West 4th street. Quite frankly, I was not surprised at all. This is New York City and lots of good/bad things happens here every now and then. New York City happens to be one of many hot-spot of the New York state or the U.S. for that matter so I am familiar with this. When shit goes down, you would see lots of police cars all around, there is nothing new here.

It’s Halloween day and a big parade is about to take place, people started to gather around West 4th and Greenwich Ave. So, it won’t be surprising if minor incidents take place and police has to intervene. When I came back to my office, I opened up New York Times just to get an idea if there is anything major happening in the City. I couldn’t believe what I saw on the news. It’s more like the Barcelona Attack taking place few blocks down from my office, what a shame! I was not prepared for this at all.

This evening when I was on my way to home, I was surprised to see so many people gathering around both side of the Greenwich Ave. to observe the Halloween Parade. I forgot for a moment, despite of all these madness, life goes on and New Yorkers learned to go through it all. As our former President, Barack Obama tweets:

and the New York City Mayor, De Blasio tweets:

Let this spirit rise above all the fear and evil. My heart goes out to those families who lost their loves ones today. May they rest in Peace.

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